Pegasus Bullion - HYIP

Further to my previous post about Pegasus Bullion (a high yield investment program), below are the details on what the company have offer. Again, I believe this is a HYIP and for those who are interested to participate in this investment please do your research about the company. Many are saying with high risk will give you high return but for me, I just don't want to participate in another Ponzi scheme. If you have info about the company, please do share it with us. Be a wise investor and don't be a victim for another Ponzi scheme.

Anyway, below are the returns offer by Pegasus Bullion;

There are three packages available; Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Gold (20 grams - 99 grams)
Monthly profit : 5% of grams
Referral bonus : 5%
Pairing bonus : 5% of smaller group (paid daily max : 20g)
Gold mine bonus : 5 levels

Platinum (100 grams - 499 grams)
Monthly profit : 7% of grams
Referral bonus : 7%
Pairing bonus : 7% of smaller group (paid daily max : 100g)
Gold mine bonus : 7 levels

Diamond (500 grams onwards)
Monthly profit : 10% of grams
Referral bonus : 10%
Pairing bonus : 10% of smaller group (paid daily max : 500g)
Gold mine bonus : 10 levels

All bonuses are paid in gram and can be converted to cash on spot gold price.

All bonuses withdrawal can be done in two options:

Physical gold
Will be delivered to your address
Physical size : 20grams, 100grams, 500grams, 1000grams
Admin charges : 7%
30 days delivery upon request

via your local bank
admin charges : 5%
minimum withdrawal : USD500
Two period time :
1st-15th this month, cash received end of this month
16th-31th this month, cash received on 15th next month

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  1. Many investors who have joined, have made heck aloot of returns to date. This company started in dec 2012 and currently has 4 offices worldwide.. Hong kong, China, Jakarta and Latest in Bangkok. They are affiliated with ICBC bank which is the biggest bank in the world atm. And they have also recently launched a Pegasus Bullion Master debit card to which all the dividends will be linked. So we can use the dividends with just one swipe anywhere, anytime..I really dont think Mastercard would just aloow Any random HYIP to use their brand now would they?. Members should be getting their cards by august. I personally invested 500g last december and to date i have a total of 1 kg. Thats twice my investment within 6 months. And i didnt even do much networking.. I suggest you take this investment seriously and you will see for yourself how much potential this company has in changing anyone's financial portfolio..