Pegasus Bullion Investment is now in Malaysia

I have just read about new investment called Pegasus Bullion. It is a gold investment with high return. Many people in Malaysia are currently talking about this. Why? The answer is simply because the company are offering very high return to their member. They are currently offering 3 type of accounts, Entry(5% return per month), Platinum (7% return per month) and Gold(10% return per month).

The minimum investment are 20grams of gold. To be a platinum member you need to invest between 100grams to 499grams. If you invested more than 500grams then you will be a Gold member. Pegasus Bullion are paying minimum 5% return per month, 60% per annum. Is this something good to be true? If you have any info about Pegasus Bullion Investment, please leave your comment below. Help us to prevent from being a scam victim.

To learn more about go to I have not join the scheme yet, so this is not my referral link.

Pegasus Bullion

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  1. There are 3 types of investment....low risk (savings in bank) , medium risk ( insurance) and high risk. PEGASUS BULLION is in the high risk category. If u have the stomach to invest in high risk investment then u should ask advice frm those who are doing it.. if u ask to public like this, u will only get answers that they know. A person who has an employer will have hard time to invest for high risk because they are never tought to do so. The rest is up to u to decide.