The importance of dofollow backlinks to SEO in 2014

dofollow backlinks
Many blogger are talking about to increase their dofollow backlink.I am not sure about the importance of dofollow backlink for search engine optimization (SEO) in 2014.  However I keep a daily routine to leave comment on dofollow blog.

It is easy to know or determine a blog or site with dofollow backlink. On your internet explore or google chrome browser, simply right click on your mouse button and select view source. Perform alt F on a post page with comment or keyword link. Search the keyword on view source page, and it is a nofollow  blog or site if the keyword link  is with rel=nofollow.

Here is list of dofollow forums that you might also want to check;

Microsoft Forums, Page Rank: 7
CNET Forums, Page Rank: 7
Digital Point (DP) Forums, Page Rank: 7
SitePoint Forums, Page Rank: 7
MySQL Forums, Page Rank: 7
SubmitExpress Forums, Page Rank: 5
V7N Forums, Page Rank: 5
Web Design Forum, Page Rank: 4
Webmaster Talk, Page Rank: 5
Islamabad Community,Page Rank 4

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