Learn How To Make Money With Cloud Mining at HASHOCEAN

Why should you go with Hashocean?

Well, you this question is going to be answered in this post. If you are a newbie to Hashocean or already known to Hashocean and searching for the genuine and unbiased review of hashocean then finally today you are at right place.

I will clear the points that if Hashocean is real or Scam? Is it paying to their clients regularly? Is it beneficial to participate in this business? Is hashocean has real mining business?

I will answer all of above your questions in this post step by step.

We are going to discuss following points in this review:

1. From how long hashocean has been paying their clients?

2. Is it safe to Invest?

3. How Hashocean works? (Cloud Mining Project)

4. If I Invest in Hashocean's project then how much profit can I earn?

5. How Can I invest in Hashocean? A step by step guide.

6. How can I withdraw my income?

Now we will proceed all the points step by step.

Let's talk about...

1. From how long hashocean has been paying their clients?

It is being said by the clients that Hashocean has been paying since 2015. After hearing these comments I personally did some research and came to the following points.

Firstly, I analyzed this domain in ScamAdviser where I found domain was registered on January 18, 2015, and will be expired on January 18, 2025.

That means domain has been registered for 10 years. It is a good sign of genuinely. As on today (2nd May 2016), it has successfully completed 1 year and 3 months approx.

Some people were saying that it has been paying since 2012 that was wrong.

Here is the actual data, I collected after my research:

Data from ScamAdviser for Hashocean

Domain Overview and Details

So now it is cleared that site is paying and has been paying their clients since 2015.

2. Is it safe to Invest?

After investigating the site I can it is safe to invest. But also, it is not safe as like as Banks. If you are going to invest then invest the only amount that you can bear to lose.

Is is better to invest in Hashocean instead of investing in other HYIP sites who claim to pay 5% daily or more. Because it is not possible for anyone to pay this huge amount at any cost.

Simple, if you are an online investor and looking for some genuine sites to invest then add the name this sites at the first in your list.

3. How Hashocean works?

The main and important question that comes to the mind of every investor before investing. How Hashocean works?

According to searches and data, it is a cloud mining website.

Cloud Mining is the process of bitcoin mining utilizing a remote datacenter with shared processing power. This type of mining allows users to mine bitcoins or alternative cryptocurrencies without having to manage their own hardware.

Here is the official Video by Hashocean:

If you go directly on the website then you can find that the site is shown in the mining language. You have to buy powers to earn profits from their cloud mining process. That might be little confusing for you or the people who do not deal with this type of mining site before.

Do not worry, I will explain the steps and margin of profits in simple language. I will also teach you the steps that you will have to follow to invest and withdraw your profits.

4. If I Invest in Hashocean's project then how much profit can I earn?

It is the time to proceed and answer the most awaited question of this post. I know most of you people have not read the above information carefully but going to read this one carefully. In short and Simple, you can earn 1% daily on the amount you have invested.

There is also an option to withdraw your principal amount but if you do so then they will deduct all your profits and might charge a little penalty. So, it is always advised not to withdraw your initial amount.

You can earn 30% of your amount every month.

To invest your amount, you have to buy the buy the powers. Here is the pricing table that will show you how the powers of Hashocean cost. The more powers you buy the less amount you will have to pay.

Is there any referral program?

Yes, it has an affiliate/Referral program also. It pays one time 5% of the powers purchased by your referral. Remember, you will not get referral incentives in cash form, it will be in the powers and you can earn profits daily on that power.

You can use a single account on a single computer/IP. Only a single household is allowed to use Hashocean from a family. Their Advanced tracking system tracks the victims easily and Ban their account permanently.

So, never try to cheat them or to be over smart. You will be caught one day.

5. How Can I invest in Hashocean? A step by step guide.

In this part, we will learn how to Invest your funds in this system. First of all, to invest in Hashocean you will must have these things:

1. Member of Hashocean team
2. BTC wallet

You can only invest through BTC in this site as it deals of BTC mining. BTC is one of the most trending and popular E-currency worldwide. It is now being used in Hotels booking, shopping, and so many other online transactions.

If you have already an account in any of the BTC wallets then it is quite good. But if you do not have an account in BTC wallet then follow these steps to create your account in BTC first.

There are lots of registered and verified BTC wallet sites where you can easily create your account and get your BTC wallet address. You can use that wallet address in Hashocean to invest and withdraw your amount.

BTC wallet address looks like:


When you create your account you will be given a long wallet address shown above. Copy that address and save it anywhere on the safe place.

1. https://blockchain.info/ (Recommended For Worldwide Users)
2. https://www.bitx.co (Recommended for Malaysian Users)

How to Create Wallet on BlockChain.Info (Worldwide users)

Open blockchain.info site and click on the wallet. Then click on "Create a new wallet". Follow the next instructions and you will be done.

Not any documentation is required.

Here is a guide for you:


How to Create Wallet on Bitx.co (MalaysianUsers)

Open Bitx.co, and register your account.

If you are Malaysia, please follow my post at


Here we guide you how to use Bitx.co

Next step is to Create and Invest in Hashocean:

1. Click here to Register yourself.

After registration, you will get 15 powers for free that will let you earn 0.05$ per day. But you have to buy at least 20 powers within 30 days or your account will be deleted. Buying after sign up is compulsory in Hashocean after sign up.

2. Now login to your Hashocean account and navigate to "My Account".

3. Click on "Buy" option given at left hand side.

Enter the number of powers you want to buy. Now it will show you the cost in USD and BTC that you need to pay for that amount. Now click on "Get the Payment Address" option given at below right hand side as shown in below screenshot.

Now it will show you a BTC wallet address, you have to transfer the same amount to that address from your BTC wallet account. It will automatically track your transaction and add funds to your account within 2-4 hours.

It may take more as it has to go through 6 confirmations.


To calculate your profits do not go the number of powers just keep in mind the amount you have invested as you will get the profit of 1% on the amount you invested. If you go deeply according to powers you might get confused.

4. Well, there is also an option to calculate your profits according to profit. To calculate click on the option "Repayment" just given below the "Buy Option".

Enter the number of power you want to buy and it will show you the exact profits that you can earn on a daily, weekly and yearly basis.

6. How can I withdraw my income?

There is an automatic withdrawal option in Hashocean and the minimum threshold withdraw is 0.005 BTC ($2 approx).

To make it activate, go to settings of your account and add your Wallet Address there. If you do not add wallet address then you will not able to withdraw your profits automatically.

If you want to reinvest your earnings instead of withdrawing you can change your payout mode from automatic to manual and you can reinvest again after having the amount to buy at least 20 powers.

You can not invest re-invest less than 20 powers.

My personally Experience with Hashocean:

I have written this review after being 1 month in this program. I invested around 100$ to check it and it worked fine. I am getting my profits daily on time. I have not faced any issue or problem in this period of 30 days.

Here is the screenshot of my latest payments from Hashocean:

To be honest, I have the plan to invest more ($1000) on this site as it seems genuine as compared to other sites that are existing in the online market.

I can say my overall experience is too good with Hashocean till now. I will continue writing tutorials and guide on Hashocean on this blog and for the people who are working with me.

If you also want to start this program with me then below is my referral link. I will give my best to help and support you.


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